Tuesday, December 15, 2009

XT PuG x2

As I mentioned, I have been in the process of moving, so my play time is limited.  Thus I have yet to step into ICC (fiending for the action though), or any raid for the past week and a half or so.

That said, I don't want to fall too far behind in gathering the Emblems of Frost on either Ditto (paladin) or Becoming (druid).  Thus I found myself in two different PuGs for the weekly raid, which happened to be XT-002 in Ulduar. 

While running around on Becoming, someone was looking for more for the weekly.  I tell them I can either heal or DPS, they invite me.  After 10 minutes or so, the group is all formed up and ready to go.  We pile into our vehicles, I drove for a guild mate that happened to be in the same PuG, figuring I at least have the best chance for survival if they are driving. 

This is the first time I had ever done Flame Leviathan with no towers active, and wow.  What a joke that fight was.  He didn't even finish a second pursuit phase, and our Demo was the first one to be pursued.  So, FL down, we move on to XT.  Fight went great, was almost ended up activating hard mode, and likely would have if some of the DPS hadn't backed off.  That said, we did chain the heart phases, and ended up getting the speed kill achievement.

Later on, my girlfriend was around, and I got into another PuG to finish the weekly on Ditto.  This one was less stellar, but with similar results.

We get the group going, and I hop in a Demo to drive, with her gunning for me.  We get going, and I check my health vs the other Demo.  1.39m vs 958k.  Oh well.  We ended up downing it nonetheless, and in about the same amount of time.

We then move to XT, and the DPS was sloooow.  We ended up with my girlfriend and some random DK doing 5kdps each, and the rest of the DPS doing ~1.8-2k dps.  All the while, they were largely ignoring the bomb bots, so I ended up running around, and doing my uber Holy Shock -> Exorcism ->  Judgement -> Holy Shock -> "Hope it's dead" dps rotation on them, all while still healing 3x as much as the other healer.

Overall, the kills were clean and fast, so I will likely stick with pugging the weekly raid quest, since it appears even a group of scrubs can down XT.

No shaman action to speak of from last night.

On the AH / Gold Cap side of things, I'm up to 17k with ~80 auctions out standing.  Blade Ward continues to sell well, though there has been some competition finally joining me, so that may slow a little bit.  Even with the competition, though, the enchant scrolls are still selling for ~800g each.  Blood Draining is selling well also, however, sells for only about 600g.  I will likely start looking at the other gear enchants shortly, and try to keep a constant inventory of the more profitable enchants on the AH.  Currently, I just make sure I have one of each of the weapon enchants up, and that's about it.  I think keeping a steady number of enchants on the AH should help my profits quite a bit. 

Gems are of course selling well with all the new gear coming available. 

Finally, the Iceblade Arrows and Shatter rounds continue to sell for way more than they should, thanks to people who can't pay attention to some simple numbers.  That said, I am sure that each person only falls for this once, so it will likely only keep up for so long.  I will continue doing it until I don't come to a mailbox full of sales, however, as I make about 800% profit by doing so.

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