Friday, December 11, 2009

RFD Random PuG

I'm in the process of moving to a new house right now, and was able to get my computer setup, but unable to login until long after the guild was into ICC (and didn't have the time to raid anyway).  I decided instead I'd do a bit of banking and then hopped on my shaman, Cerdle.

At first I was going to try my way through some battle grounds, even though I'm still only level 26, to get some leveling experience via some alternate methods.  I then remembered the Random Dungeon option in LFG, and figured I would give that a shot too.  So, I queued for WSG, AB, and a Random Dungeon to see which one I would get an invite to first.

About 3 minutes later, I get a window popping up, asking if I'd like to join a group, I click that I do, and it lets me know that we are still needing a tank and healer.  I figure there is no way in hell we will get a ... Oh look, a tank, now we need a healer, no one levels as a heale...  Then a big window comes up asking if I'd like to enter the instance.  I click that I do, and it ports me to the entrance of RFK, a place I've only been to when I farmed Corpsemaker for my warrior twink some years ago.

We end up with a Holy Priest 'healing' though ended up using Holy Fire more than anything else (mainly because the healing was pretty light), a Holy Pally "DPS'ing", basically standing in melee, swinging a hammer, judging wisdom (which my Enhancement shaman liked the extra mana from it), and using Aura Mastery on cooldown for some reason.  Finally we had a 30 warrior tanking, and the last DPS was a hunter.

Everyone was somewhat slow getting going, as they tried to figure out what role they were to play, get buffs out there, etc.  [I will note, that everyone in the group was from a different server, so the cross server LFG is a definite boon.  I would also guess that instancing may become more popular at the lower levels as the system catches on, since it will be easier (read: possible) to find a group.]

However, the warrior finally started to get bored, and just charged into the first pull.  I ran behind them, dropped my totems, and started swinging away.  We were tentative in killing everything at first, then started to pick up pace a bit.  After we rounded the first bend to the right, we weren't really sure where to go.  Personally, while leveling previous toons, I never really went to RFD, simply because it was far, and I didn't have any quests for it.  Thankfully, someone else in the group knew where to go, so we followed their lead.

Overall it was a fairly smooth run.  We had one point where a bunch of adds decided to agro from up on a ledge, and bring hell down upon us, however, the priest warrior and I were able to live through it. 

We then killed the 'final boss' of the place, who was just some dude chilling out in a hut, and I got a blue necklace from the random dungeon award bag.

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