Monday, December 21, 2009

Level 30!

So, I hit level 30 on the shaman this weekend, mostly through BG runs.  Hooray Windfury!  Of course, using a 3.8 speed Axe, I rarely get to see the graphic, since it will generally 1 shot whatever it is I'm trying to kill at the time, so I don't even get the animation.  My target just falls over in a very anti-climatic way.

That said, the holidays are here, so play time is at a minimum.  I haven't raided since I last wrote about our lack of attendance on progression nights.  Thus why my shaman has been seeing the majority of the playtime.

I have, however, kept up an inventory of enchants so far, the most popular of which are Crusader selling for ~300g, Blood Draining going for 800-1000g, Blade Ward selling for 6-700g, +8 stats to chest selling for 75g (a 200% profit) and Enchant Weapon - Greater Potency selling for 60g (also a 200% profit).

Finally, reselling Arrows and Bullets continues to be a booming business.

After buying mats to replenish my inventory on the AH, my banker is sitting at just over 20kg.  Still a long way off of the gold cap, but progress is still being made.  I may start to recycle some of the cash from enchanting into Jewelcrafting so I can buy some of the more profitable recipes.  The problem with this, is there are always so few raw epic gems on the AH, that I could only get a few at a time, so it may not have a very solid ROI, and I may be better off simply concentrating on Enchanting for making money right now, and do JC right once Cataclysm comes out.

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