Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scarlet Monestary Graveyard

This was my random instance _5_ times in a row last night.  I pretty much hit the spectrum of players, too.

First group with a chain pulling / charging warrior (was awesome, we finished it before the 15 minute debuff even wore off).  Second was a real gem. 

We zone in, and get rolling.  I start following the warrior who just runs forward and proceeds to tank stuff.  Meanwhile the paladin just starts dealing on the warrior.  "Dude, wtf are you doing man?"

I'm confused, since he seems to be tanking just fine.

"Dude, wtf man, you are prot?  Omg I can't believe this, you are such a noob!"

I ask what the problem is, and the pally mentions that he is supposed to be tanking, and that the warrior was tagged as a DPS for the instance.  I check recount, and the warrior is just below me for DPS.  I point this out, but they seem to not notice.

The pally keeps going on about how much of a failure the warrior is, and how he and I are what are wrong with the new random instance LFG system.

We get to the crypt, and the paladin proceeds to run to the bottom, without killing anything, then finally drops a consecration.  Once the boss was down, they then turn to name calling, while attempting to troll me, and claim that I must be one of those 40 year old losers living in my mom's basement, and get my kicks by picking fights on the internet.

I point out that they were the ones that started a fight, but if they had such a bad grouping experience with me, they could put me on ignore so as not to have to group with me again.  They disband from the group, and I followed suit.

This, dear reader, is exactly the kind of humor I was looking for in the random dungeon LFG system.  Random people being complete fuckwads for no apparent reason.

The other three times I ran it after this were all good fast runs.  One of them the druid tank decided he didn't want to tank, and asked me to.  Told him I couldn't (have my -30% threat talent now), but it doesn't really matter, so he went cat form and we just blazed through the remainder of the instance.  It's a shame none of these runs count toward my pug or 'the Patient' title though.

I did hit level 31 on the shaman in all of that, however.

Additionally, I fired up a second banker to handle my JC work.  I figure I can use that banker to buy the titanium with while buying and selling gems to ensure that I don't sink too much money into the project at one time.  I bought 5 stacks of titanium on my main banker and prospected them.  It gained me 19 titanium powder, and 6 epic gems.  That is an overall net loss, even after the gems were cut and sold.  Thus, I will likely do that once per week or so, and simply buy raw gems to cut the rest of the time to fund the titanium purchases.

I am, however, still above 20kg, so things are still not doing too bad.

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