Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ICC and Algalon

So, I finally got to raid last night.

We did ICC10 and put in our hour on Algalon.  I healed ICC10 on Becoming, along side a Holy Priest.  Overall the instance wasn't too bad.  I didn't do it last week, so I can't comment on the change to Marrowgar's tank damage at all.  That said, the fight wasn't hard at all, and we easily one shot it.

Next up, Lady Deathwhisper.  We went with the strat that has all DPS switching to the adds, to blow them up quick, and allow more DPS (people) on the boss when adds weren't up.  I'm not sure how many add waves we had while we were draining her shield, however, it didn't seem like too many.  I'm looking forward to trying the 25 man version of this fight tonight, since it adds the MC and a few other neat tricks that should make it a touch more interesting.  That said, for last night, we had a pretty easy one shot of her as well.

We move on to the Gunship Battle.  While this seems neat in theory, overall it was just a little silly, with not much to it.  DPS ship, mage spawns, jump over, heal, heal, heal, jump back, rinse / repeat.  I did end up dying just before the last jump over.  I got a battle rez, and it unequipped my jet pack.  I tried to jump over again, and it was too late, as the tank over there was dead, but so was the mage and the rest of the away team had made it back.

Finally, we reach Saurfang.  A neat intro to the fight to start off, though annoying that you have to go through it each time you start the encounter.

When we started out, we were just going at things like we normally do.  That being healing assignments of "all healers, heal everyone who needs it".  This was made worse by having two raid healing spec'd healers.  So, the first couple of attempts went great until the first mark went out.  Once it did healing went from boring to OMG WTF IS HAPPENING!

We tried switching roles around a bit, with me on DPS, our pally tank going heals, and the bear solo tanking it.  It did not end well.

Back to original roles, I switch back to resto spec, and we work out actual healing assignments, with me on the Marked targets, and the priest on the tanks.  We trigger the start, and the priest notices that she has the Mark debuff on, I look up and so do I.  We all run back to the boat and reset the fight, and the debuff fades properly.

We attempt again, and it goes well.  We ended up with 1 mark out (on me), no one died, and we got the kill.

After that we moved over to Algalon.  Since that fight wouldn't happen without a real tank healer, I logged into Ditto to tank heal.  We picked up Unbroken by not repairing during FL without any towers, killed Razorscale for the daily.  On XT we accidentally triggered Hardmode, but downed it without any issues.  As an aside, I got to use the new Divine Sacrifice, and it was nice.  Incoming damage to myself was noticeable but very healable.

It is then that our priest says that she all of a sudden isn't feeling well, so needs to go, because she won't be able to make it through an hour of Algalon attempts.  I end up switching to Becoming to raid heal, while our Pally tank switches to heals, and one of our Warrior DPS switches to tanking.   We had a couple of rocky attempts at the beginning of the fight, and our best attempt was barely about half way past the first Big Bang.  Our DPS was on target to enter Phase two just after the second Big Bang, but people kept getting hit by Cosmic Smash, or our star killer would kill one while it was standing over two people, and call it out after it already died.

Hopefully we can get a steady group for this, as I wouldn't mind getting the fight done, even though we do overgear it by an insane amount by now.

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