Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Post

Well, not sure how many people will see this, but I figure I can start blog about healing.

First, a bit about myself.

I've been playing World of Warcraft for a little over 4 years now. Prior to that, I played Everquest for 5 years.

When I was playing EQ, I tried out a cleric, and it was one of the most painfully boring experiences I've ever had in an online game, to the point where I had to play an Enchanter at the same time. After I got bored with EQ, I tried a few other MMORPGs, and none of them really held my attention. SWG was the closest, with a somewhat unique take on character advancement, but it ultimately still disappointed.

Enter Warcraft. Now, my main character in EQ was a rogue, and I swore I wouldn't play another one in Warcraft (of course, I did). However, I always liked the Paladin in EQ, so tried playing one (this was a couple months after WoW released, so the class was very different than it's current iteration). I was ultimately drawn back to the rogue, which I played for a little over two years in WoW. During that time, I made several different alts. A disc / holy priest and a protection paladin.

The priest was leveled as shadow, but healed in PvP and the occational Karazhan and SSC raid. Considering my previous healing experience was in Everquest, it was a welcome change to the paradigm.

Now, the paladin was leveled when my girlfriend decided to start playing WoW. She played a warlock, and I figured the paladin would be a good compliment to the class, and would make leveling for both of us that much easier. I leveled as Protection, and never went holy or attempted healing until I hit 80, and tried to heal for a group of friends in Halls of Lightning.

I was horrible. We ended up having to bring out a repair bot before we even got to Loken. I thus decided I did not want to ever heal on my paladin.

After several attempts at finding a guild and failed PUGs for Naxx, I applied to my now current guild. Now, the trouble is, they didn't need any paladin tanks, but did have room for a Holy Paladin.

So, the decision was made to try my hand at Paladin healing. While I have been enjoying healing as a paladin, I feel the overall feel of it doesn't quite suit my play style.

I have been leveling a druid to eventually be my new healer, since their more mobile style of healing seems to suit how I prefer to play quite a bit more.

This blog will be about my experiences both of leveling a druid healer, as well as raiding in a guild that is currently 8/14 in Uld25, and 12/14 Uld10 as a pally healer. Additionally, I will comment on up and coming changes that apply to the healing specs of both classes, along with the random commentary on game changes as a while.

My Paladin is Ditto, on Shadowsong-US. My druid is Becoming, also on Shadowsong-US.

-- Ditto