Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Post

Well, not sure how many people will see this, but I figure I can start blog about healing.

First, a bit about myself.

I've been playing World of Warcraft for a little over 4 years now. Prior to that, I played Everquest for 5 years.

When I was playing EQ, I tried out a cleric, and it was one of the most painfully boring experiences I've ever had in an online game, to the point where I had to play an Enchanter at the same time. After I got bored with EQ, I tried a few other MMORPGs, and none of them really held my attention. SWG was the closest, with a somewhat unique take on character advancement, but it ultimately still disappointed.

Enter Warcraft. Now, my main character in EQ was a rogue, and I swore I wouldn't play another one in Warcraft (of course, I did). However, I always liked the Paladin in EQ, so tried playing one (this was a couple months after WoW released, so the class was very different than it's current iteration). I was ultimately drawn back to the rogue, which I played for a little over two years in WoW. During that time, I made several different alts. A disc / holy priest and a protection paladin.

The priest was leveled as shadow, but healed in PvP and the occational Karazhan and SSC raid. Considering my previous healing experience was in Everquest, it was a welcome change to the paradigm.

Now, the paladin was leveled when my girlfriend decided to start playing WoW. She played a warlock, and I figured the paladin would be a good compliment to the class, and would make leveling for both of us that much easier. I leveled as Protection, and never went holy or attempted healing until I hit 80, and tried to heal for a group of friends in Halls of Lightning.

I was horrible. We ended up having to bring out a repair bot before we even got to Loken. I thus decided I did not want to ever heal on my paladin.

After several attempts at finding a guild and failed PUGs for Naxx, I applied to my now current guild. Now, the trouble is, they didn't need any paladin tanks, but did have room for a Holy Paladin.

So, the decision was made to try my hand at Paladin healing. While I have been enjoying healing as a paladin, I feel the overall feel of it doesn't quite suit my play style.

I have been leveling a druid to eventually be my new healer, since their more mobile style of healing seems to suit how I prefer to play quite a bit more.

This blog will be about my experiences both of leveling a druid healer, as well as raiding in a guild that is currently 8/14 in Uld25, and 12/14 Uld10 as a pally healer. Additionally, I will comment on up and coming changes that apply to the healing specs of both classes, along with the random commentary on game changes as a while.

My Paladin is Ditto, on Shadowsong-US. My druid is Becoming, also on Shadowsong-US.

-- Ditto


  1. hey, this is Josh (jdhorner) from Gevlon's blog comments. just curious as to why you chose Blade Ward and Blood Draining for your enchanting scrolls to sell. have you noticed that there's any demand for those? i never would have pegged them as sell-able, and perhaps that is part of my problem as far as what to sell re: enchants.

    i guess it's time to sit down and -really- get a feel for my server's (proudmoore-us) average prices. i've been using auctioneer since december, so there's a huge build-up of pricing for popular items.

    for blade ward, it's about what... 25g x4 for the abyss, 15g x8 for the GCE, and 150g x1 for the titansteel bar. that's at least 370g for the mats. does it really sell for more than that?

    for blood draining, it's 25g x4 for the abyss, 70g x2 for two stacks of dust, and 30g for the scarlet ruby. so 270g for the mats.

    perhaps those are just super high on my server? (which is weird... proudmoore has been around forever...)

    anyway, i guess i just never see the stuff i need at the right price to BUY so that i can turn around and sell for any sort of profit. that, and i swear no one buys enchants on this server. or if they do, they wait until someone posts it at like 10% market value.

    which is why i also don't "get" gevlon's methods. :/ if i were to follow him, wouldn't i i have to make like 100 or so scrolls of that enchant, or lots of enchants, so that i could drive everyone else away? i just don't see how that's -ever- feasible without thousands and thousands of up-front gold to invest. :/

    i know you're not here to answer my questions, but i just think something's not "clicking" in my head.

  2. So, I happened to get lucky and get the patterns for Blade Ward and Blood Draining on a couple guild Ulduar runs. These don't lend themselves to the sell-in-mass-quantities method of marketing that Gevlon uses. However, on my server (US-Shadowsong), they each sell for around 700G. The price for the mats you posted are about right.

    So, that's a rough profit of ~350-450g each. I simply make one of each and put it on the AH. If it sells, I buy the mats for another and post it. It is possible that they may not sell for a few days (you are right, the demand is somewhat low, but so is the supply channel, so it balances out).

    Additionally, since there is so much markup in the enchant, there is nothing wrong with marking it down (the goblin way, if you will) if you have a competitor in the market creep up. So long as I sell an enchant for more than 500g, it's profitable.

    I am in the process now of setting up a more mass selling market, similar to Gevlon but on a lower scale (enchanting mats are a lot more than herbs), to sell the profitable enchants.

    These include, but are not limited to, +8/+10 stats to chest, any weapon enchants you can get your hands on, Armsman, Icewalker (retarded how expensive this is for the mats it costs to make), Tuskarr's Vitality, and a few others.

    I'd recommend installing LilSparkysWorkshop, and just do a quick scan of the AH, and make a few of the enchants that are at 150% or higher price. This will help you get started, and be able to expand, while having a fairly low risk (since you have a fair bit of wiggle room in the price, due to it having a high margin).