Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Too busy, hit 80

So, with the summer lull in raiding, we had a few raid nights off, which I used to full advantage to get the druid up to level 80.

I leveled from 68-80 as boomkin in preparation for being 80.  As it turns out, it didn't help much, since leveling boomkin and grouping / raiding as boomkin are wildly different.  For instance, while leveling there is no reason to DoT things, no reason to use Faerie Fire anything, and there is no such thing as a rotation.  It's pretty much open with Starfire, unless you happened to be under a wrath eclipse.

That said, it was still quite fun, and it let me keep my bags at least somewhat clear with only needing a 'caster' gear set, with a couple items to switch out for healing an instance.

So, I started out doing a couple instances as DPS at 80, so I can get some starter healing gear, and had a friend craft me the Earthgiving legs and boots.  I started out at ~1100DPS, because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

After a respec (basically moved 3 points from Owlkin Frenzy to IFF, took 1 out of intensity and moved it to Typhoon just to have an extra button to push, and since I was able to spam buttons and never run out of mana), a couple upgrades from heroics / regular ToC, and getting some practice at a rotation, I was able to hit 2300 DPS.

I also boosted my spell power to ~1350 unbuffed, and am half way to hit capped, which has likely helped as well.  I will probably run one more day as DPS just to get a few fast runs in, and then go into the dreaded LFG as heals or dps, with the assumption that I'll be the former more often than not.

Tonight and tomorrow are raid nights, so will likely not have a chance to play on the druid until Friday.

If I have a chance, I may put together a new pre-raiding gear guide, and include some items from the new patches (ie, ToC, Argent Tournament,  and new Badge Gear)

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