Thursday, September 3, 2009

Faction Champions

Last night, we went into ToC25.  After a couple retarded mistakes on Beasts, we moved on to Jaraxxus.  We one shot him, and started Faction Champions.

This fight is one of the more fun encounters that I've done in quite some time.  It's dynamic, chaotic, and requires actual proper communication by all members of a raid.  This of course, is also what makes it difficult for most.  People love to call out on vent when someone else messes up, but don't want to mention that they got sheeped for some reason, figuring the healers can just go ahead and figure it out and dispell it from them. 

While in a perfect world that is true, when you see everyone in the raid with a dispellable debuff on them (thanks DK), it's rough to determine who should be prioritized.

There were mistakes made by all.  Since this is a fight where all sorts of CC is allowed / required, we had warlocks that needed to put fear on their bar, rogues without blind available.  People were not ready for the fight, both in reading up on the NPCs and what they do (read: everything they can), or in their knowledge / reflex of all abilities of their class.

Needless to say, we did not beat the encounter, and we will spend the remainder of our raid time this week in Ulduar.

On the druid side of things, after we tried ToC25, I hopped into a Heroic ToC.  Got the caster robe and +hit boots from there, and was a very quick and smooth run.  Averaged ~2300DPS, so getting slightly better at moonkin, and am about ready to start healing some heroics, as my mana pool is finally getting up there as well.  I will likely still be wearing a lot of moonkin gear while healing, but am not too concerned by that.

The only concern I have about sharing gear between the specs, is gear with gem slots.  Specifically for yellow slots.  Since I'm still under hit cap, I would gem +hit for the moonkin.  Since hit does shit for resto, I'd likely socket either a Brilliant gem, or Runed if the socket bonus wasn't worth it. 

Tonight we hit Ulduar, and hopefully can get through Hodir, leaving the rest of the week for our ritual fail on Thorim, and maybe even get to General (Mim and Freya were two shot both times we attempted them).

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