Friday, September 4, 2009

More PuGs

Last nights Ulduar raid was called due to lack of attendance.  A select few (read, not me) went to ToC10 and downed Anub, so grats to them!

I spent the time on my druid running a couple heroics, mostly as moonkin, and healed a regular ToC.  I figured it shouldn't be much of a problem, since on one run, our healer had died, and I forgot where my battle res button was (still new to the druid thing, lesson was learned), and I healed through the remainder of the second boss with her add, shortly after the add spawned.

So, I figure as a tree, I should have no problems, right?

Enter the PuG group.  It seemed to be a group that was chain running it, so I had hoped it would be ok. Tank had ~30k health, so has at least been around a little bit.  Rest of group was a hunter (more on them later), a shaman and a warrior.

We get started, and the the first bit goes ok.  We all get the champions dismounted and run out to reset, with no deaths.  So far so good.  We get into the fight and people are just standing around in the green goo that is thrown out (mind you, this is after they all said 'don't stand in the poison!').

So, we have one death, as I'm still pretty undergeared for healing through stupid.

Second boss comes up, we get the chick with the add.  It takes _forever_ to get the add down, I go OOM, and people start dying (after I potted and innervated myself, even).

We get back in there, and kill the boss.  We then get to the Black Knight.  Again, it takes forever to get anything done, and I figure it's just because I'm healing, so things seem to take longer, since they are more hectic.  Phase 1 went ok.  Phase 2 hits, and they have the awesome idea of grouping up.  Like, everyone stand next to the exploding ghouls.  I disagreed with this strat, so stayed back.

Well while everyone was grouped up getting exploded, they also got hit by the Desecration, so tons of damage was going out to the party, and again, he was taking for ever to go down.  Once he did, the ghouls blew up and killed everyone but the tank and myself.  Me being out of mana, died.  So, we start over again.  People are doing a little better this time.  The hunter still stood in the Desecration for quite a while, but disengaged out of it at least after a good 5 seconds.

We finally get through the boss after I died and ran back.

No decent loot to be had, so I excuse myself from the group, feeling pretty bad about my healing abilities. 

Now, I keep recount on the healing meters generally, just to get an idea of how I'm doing while healing.  The hunter took nearly as much damage as the tank did for standing in stupid shit.  I then switched to moonkin, joined LFG for some heroics as DPS, figuring I'm not quite ready for healing yet, and appropriately set Recount to DPS.  Thus the story of the last instance was told.  The hunter managed to squeeze out 800 dps.  The warrior was at 1k, and the shaman was at 1.2k.  The DK tank had the most at 1.7k.

I not only had to heal through stupid, but I had to do it for a LONG TIME because their DPS was so low.

After that, I joined a group of socials, and we ran H-UP, H-UK and H-ToC without a hitch.  I really want to get hit capped so I can start pugging some Naxx10/25 runs here.  I should probably start hitting up VoA10 as well, just so I can get some easy badges.

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