Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh look, a tooltip

So, while I was running heroics last night, we didn't have a replenishment class at all in the group.  I actually started to have some mana problems, and wondered if that is what it was like to be an oomkin back in the day.

I ask a friend who I know plays a druid, and wondered at what point I can stop having to worry so much about mana issues, as I am currently spec 3/3 Dreamstate and 1/3 Intensity.

She laughed at me, saying that dreamstate was useless.  So, I decided to do some quick math.

At my current (read: really bad) gear level, I get ~28MP5 per point in Dreamstate, and ~32MP5 per point in intensity.  So, before I even start to get more gear with more spirit and int (for even higher spirit based regen), Intensity is already a bit ahead.  Granted, the total difference is only about 6MP5 at 3 points for each, but I can at least drop Dreamstate, fill out Intensity, and get a couple points into Imp Insect Swarm for a touch more DPS.

The moral of the story?  I need to stop being so damn lazy and start doing some napkin math on which talents are better.  Yes, I know EJ has done most (all?) of this work for me already, and I do read it frequently.  But there is still something to say about doing the math yourself, and coming up with the same conclusion.

Now, I just need to figure out what I need to get my MP5 up to, to be able to drop Intensity and get more DPS goodies.

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