Friday, January 15, 2010

Rotface[25] Down

So, Wednesday started off looking damn good.  We one shot everything up to Saurfang, who we still two shot.  We then start our way down the Plagueworks, and face Festergut, whom we proceeded to wipe on for two and a half hours.  Healers missing their CDs, Ranged missing spore stacks, melee not running out when we had two spores in the middle, ranged chaining the vomit due to not spreading out enough.  You name it, and it went wrong. 

Thus we start off last night and head over to Festergut.  I think it took us about four attempts to get it right, not counting the time one of our other druids decided they wanted to pre-faerie fire the boss before we started the pull (that didn't end well for them).  The only real problems we had for some reason, were people missing spores, and some of the ranged running into melee, thus causing there to not be enough ranged targets for the vomit, and he'd target the melee, instantly killing half the raid.

We then headed over to Rotface, prepared to wipe on him for the remainder of the night. I think it took us about 3-4 attempts though, and we had him down.  The first couple times, people just couldn't kite the ooze, or they would be the first to get an ooze right after an explosion, would run to the OT, get cleansed, but then run back into melee, not realizing they were getting beat on by an ooze.  This would cause us to have many oozes out then, since multiple people would do it, then we'd have a big ooze in the middle and it was over.

That said, the attempt that we did get him down, was an extremely clean kill.  People dodged what they needed to, kiters were on target, and everything seemed to click with everyone.  The first 70% was definately the easier (and seemed quicker) part of the fight.  Once we got to the 30% 'all hell breaks loose' point, we popped Heroism, and I think only got the boss down to 20 or 18% during that time.  The rest of the time, people just decided to actually put on their game faces, and did exactly what they were supposed to do, when they needed to do it.  All in all was a very fun fight.

We did put in 3 of our 10 attempts on Putricide, however, the two tanks that were trying to be the Abomination (one gave it two attempts, the other a single attempt), did a really bad job of it.  Slime pools were out of control, and no ooze were getting slowed.  They said that the UI seemed bugged, and they didn't have any of the actual controls available to them.  Also for some reason they were under the impression that the drink slime ability was channeled, and instead of realizing it wasn't right away, just stood there while nothing happened.

Our plan is to break into two 10 man groups on Saturday, and get to Putricide, so we can use some attempts on the 10 man version learning the fight, and then give it another go on Sunday.

Here is to hoping we have the same raid turn out that we have been having.  Getting to raid with a full guild group once again is awesome, and it's amazing how much a difference it makes when we don't have to pug a single person.  It seems when we do, people decide to play 'Blame the PuG' and slack off themselves.

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