Monday, January 11, 2010

Festergut [25] down

Took us about two hours, since our shaman decided to go all emo and not raid, but after a couple 1-2% enrages, we got Festergut downed on 25 man.

Now to work on Rotface.  This seems to be an easier fight for DPS and healers, and is more just a technical movement fight.  So far I'm liking it, but the little oozes not being tauntable so far seems shitty.  Mainly because if one goes after a healer, then we have to try and either drag the healer to the big ooze to join them, or the big ooze gets kited through the raid and just messes everyone up.

Tonight our second 10 man group will attempt ICC.  I suspect we should get Festergut down pretty quickly, since everyone has now seen the fight, so there isn't a learning curve to it.  With luck we will get Rotface down as well.

In the 'Pie on Face' category, however, I did all of our attempts on Festerget, in my moonkin gear.  Was missing about 100 MP5 and 300 spell power.  Um, Oops.

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